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Coastal Summer Vibes

Summer is upon us and there is nothing like getting in the mood! Think breton stripes, salty sea air, lollies, surfing, sand between your toes and fish and chips. All you need now is the conch to your ear and you will be able to hear the sea!!

To help you get in the mood and achieve your own coastal vibe we have just a few things on our site that might help.

Carry away all your troubles and be stylish and practical with one of our gorgeous recyleced sail cloth bags. They really are f a b u l o u s.  Very durable and perfect for the beach, travel, gym, shops etc.   Sporty types both young and old love them for there capacity to hold so much.  Personal favourite of mine and with teenagers too is the holdall!  Just add adventure!




Roomy Holdall made from durable recycled sail cloth £84.95.  http://www.presentlocker.com/new/sailcloth-flight-bag-by-aurina/

If travels aren’t on the agenda this summer then how about checking out our coastal themed wares that can be enjoyed at home.  We love this apron from artisans Karen Walshe and Nigel Turner.



Gorgeous Oyster Catcher Apron by Karen Walshe £20.00.  Tea towel and greeting cards available on the site too.




Mackerel Apron by Nigel Turner £22.95.   Mugs, tea towels, placemats and coasters available also on the site. http://www.presentlocker.com/house-gifts/mackerel-apron-by-nigel-turner-designs/

And finally ……….. why not wear the summer vibe.  Our beautiful shell necklaces from B Jewellery and Marlene Hounman are flying off the site.  They make the perfect summer gift or keepsake.


Totally unique Clam Necklace from B jewellery, the real shell is dipped in pure silver £75.00.



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5 Things We Love This Summer

Don’t want to hex it, but who hasn’t been loving the sun we have been having! It has propelled us forward, thinking of lazy beach days, long warm evenings and outdoor antics!

Here at presentlocker.com we have kicked off our flip flops and lazed back on our sumptuous hammock and picked 5 things we love this summer from our collection.

1. Union Stripe Hammock



This hammock is divine, so comfy,  and what better way to relax in the glorious sunshine.  Its in a patriotic red white and blue with an empire feel.   Infact, I will go so far as to say that it will probably be the most popular thing you buy this summer!

To buy click on this link http://www.presentlocker.com/out-house/union-stripe-hammock.html


2.  Badminton Set


Get your  plimsolls on, and set this up in the garden!  Its an iconic summer game for all.  Kids, parents and grandparents can get in the game!  Everything is included in this natty little set, so no excuses please!


To buy click on this link

3.  T Towels




Now these are worth a look !  Gorgeous t towels by Karen Walshe, new to presentlocker.com.  They come in three designs, avocets, oyster catchers and curlews, all part of her estuary range!   See our you tube movie here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHheqeQnOOQ

click on the link to buy http://www.presentlocker.com/press/avocet-tea-towel.html

4.  Nellie Ruck Sack



…. and something for the little ones!   For the great summer getaway what could be more cute than this little Nellie quilted ruck sack from one of our artisan Aurina!  Stash with their personal essentials and away you go!!


To buy click on this link http://www.presentlocker.com/little-ones/childs-quilted-nellie-rucksack-by-aurina.html

5.  Chalk Board

Colebrook ADJ09

Our chalk boards, available in lots of beautiful colour ways are sure to be a hit! Great outdoors as well as in, they are great for signage, wedding menus,  party themes, you name it they can help!  Very chic and admired by many!


To buy click on link http://www.presentlocker.com/in-house/chalk-board.html