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Back To School

Back to School


And breathe… the children are back at school! For most of us the holidays are over and we’re back to routine, whatever that is? However our neighbors are still away on holiday and we are looking after their hamster, which I always find extremely traumatic. Actually our 9 year old daughter is in charge, which scares me even more. I have discovered that hamsters really don’t do an awful lot except keep you up at night with their whirling and twirling and gnawing at bars. This particular hamster is something of a Houdini so I’m determined he won’t escape whilst in my care, not on my watch. Our main aim is to keep Harry (the hamster) away from the dog, which would eat him for sure. Labradors are not mean, they are just always hungry, so at all cost, they must be kept apart. Only one more day to go before we hand him back in one piece.


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For me, the return to school also signals the return of the dreaded packed lunch which I can honestly say is high on my list of pet hates. I struggle to offer the balance of variety and healthy menus and I can’t/don’t bake, so unlike many other more talented and practical mothers, I can’t offer homemade fairy cakes or other tempting pastries in their lunchbox. I am a great fan of wraps which can make any kind of messy combination look relatively acceptable & my daughter could live off pesto pasta which is a godsend. At least my children don’t have to put up with the free milk that arrived in glass milk bottles and sat in the sun until curdled. Of course, we now sell these fabulous retro bottles and I use them for drinks, flowers or as an alternative for a milk jug.

milk bottle


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