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Guest Blogger – Humphrey The Mini Wire Hired Dachshund And Puppy tails!

I am so excited to be asked to guest blog for presentlocker.com, that I can’t stop wagging my tail!  I have so many puppy tails to tell. I am Humphrey the mini dachshund,  and am only five months old. I live on a farm called Stonehouse with my family (co founder of presentlocker.com) and my besties Twiglet (standard daxie) and Cap (the collie).


One of my faves, flanked by my besties, Cap on the left and Twig on the right!

Life for me is pretty darn good, as I look around at all the teenagers I live with, all busy revising away for GCSE’s and A levels I know how lucky I am.  Life is just fun fun fun, 3 meals day and plenty of play. Weetabix gets me going in the morning with lashings of milk, but my favourite bite is my 2 pm scrambled egg. Yes, I am an egg pup, an egg a day keeps the vet away and all that.


The only work I do is training, which I actually quite enjoy. I can ‘shake’ a paw really well now and sit and all the other usuals. They think that recall is my weak point, but I actually just ignore them if I am busy on a scent…… its a dogs life!  Sometimes I practise walking on the extendable lead which is fine, I quite enjoy a little trot with man by my side.


Here I am, shaking it up a little!

Thankfully, I am aloud to walk freely around the gardens and barns, and do love love love a good YAP, particularly at the post man! Jack, the eldest teenager is keen on teaching me to swim but his methods are pretty dodgy.  He likes to chuck me in the LAKE, and then I have to swim back to the side.  Its true to say that I am less than keen, its cold and very wet so I usually scramble out of the lake as quick as,  and run like a stoat back to the kitchen and the aga, my sanctuary!!! Do hope he gets the message soon …….

Balls are a big part of my life, tennis balls are a staple, but rather massive for my little mouth. I am quite partial to a ping pong ball and think that I am developing some good skills. Fetch is fun too,  but I do have to be in the mood……


Anyone for tennis?

I adore catching  a nap in the day and love to sleep in the sun (pup factor 50 of course),  or by the aga. I go to bed around 10.30pm, usually chewing hard on a slipper from a smart Venetian hotel,  and sleep like the babe pup that I am, dreaming of scent trails, scooby snacks and a good play with my old mate Cap.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but this dogs life isn’t half bad!


Promise to blog again when I get the chance and would love to hear any comments you may have.  Paws up!


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