The working week doesn’t always have to be work work work. Infact the key to having a better week is to balance the working hours with some stress free meaningful and relaxing moments, making you feel that there is more to your life than the ‘office’.  Here are three  VERY simple suggestions to inject some well needed harmony into your week which should leave you heading for the weekend in a better frame of mind and to finding your inner ‘zen’ more speedily.

1. WALK THE DOG. Whatever ‘tickles your pickle’, sausage, collie, terrier, lab or spaniel. Whatever breed of dog you own, grabs its lead, your wellies and get on out there and embrace the Great British Countryside. Do not use poor weather as an excuse not to walk, grab wellies, beanies and coats, get moving and work up a sweat! Its a proven fact that pets are good for reducing ones stress levels. Give them what they need in the form of exercise, and the best by product of all is that you get yours too! Remember to look up and breathe …. out!


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2. PLAN YOUR EVENING. Make more of the time you are not at work. Yes, you have things to do, kids, homework, supper, washing up etc, but then plan for some ‘me’ time. Work out with the family what you would like to watch on the television or maybe a game that you would like to play. Make it even more of a treat by factoring in a snack, healthy of course. May we suggest popcorn, good for you and very delicious.  Watch the movie below, incase you were in any doubt of how to prepare!

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3. TO DO LIST. Make a plan and pin point all that needs to be done by the end of the week, including the weekend. Chalk it up, loud and proud, in order of importance. This list could include the weeks main events, places to be, things to do and even a weekly menu. Make a list and let go of the baggage.

It maybe the middle of a working week, but the opportunity to ‘live well’ is up for the grabbing, you just needed a little nudge in the right direction AND your family will love you for it, the dog too!!


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