3 Things – Father’s Day Gift Edit For Him

Well, this weekend is all about Dad, Father, Pater, Pop, Papa whatever you call him, Sunday 21st June is his day. So, if you do one thing then be with your Dad, and give him something he will enjoy.  We have a few little ideas here at presentlocker.com that might make getting together just a little bit more memorable. Obviously, its horses for courses, all Dads are into different things, but we hope we may have something at presentlocker.com that may brighten up Father’s Day, and if the sun is shining then what better place to be then in the great outdoors and even the garden.


Start a game of badders in the garden.  Good old British Badminton, everyone can join in.25070-Lifestyle

Boxed and beautiful traditional Badminton set with net, rackets and shuttlecocks, no excuse for not playing with Dad. http://www.presentlocker.com/in-house/mackerel-apron-by-nigel-turner-designs.html


If your Dad is less than outdoorsy then how about something for his inner chef?  These aprons by designer Nigel Turner are just the thing.  BBQ anyone?


Mackerel Apron, beautiful quality and design.  Nigel Turner Designs. http://www.presentlocker.com/in-house/mackerel-apron-by-nigel-turner-designs.html


How about taking Dad out for lunch or an evening meal.  What about cufflinks to help him smarten up?  Always handy and in such beautiful designs as ours who could resist.  They are a keepsake too and can be ordered to suit.


Silver personalized Dog breed cufflinks.  Any breed of dog can be made, just contact us at http://www.presentlocker.com/press/personalised-dog-cufflinks.html



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