5 Tips On How Parents Can Survive The Exam Season

So here we go, exam season and 5 tips on how to survive it!  Forget hayfever, thats nothing! The real plague of the spring and early summer are all the examinations! Our children’s teenage years are blighted by an onslaught of exams and I am just talking GCSEs. Not only do they spend 2 solid years on the build up, the actual taking of the exams last for about 6 weeks – six long weeks of tension and stress for our pretty young things! Goodbye to hanging around, goodbye to freedom and liberty! Hello to a sedentary life of revision online and off, revision aids, extra lessons, group sessions and nagging parents etc etc.


Exam Day, parents know the full toil involved!


Talking from experience (three teenage offspring) there are some things that you can do as parents and as a family to survive – to come out the other side, proud of all the achievements!

1. Plan

Encourage them to plan their revision timetable, factoring in the subjects and time required to go over all the topics. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.


2. Routine

Get up and get on with it! Procrastination does not work, leaving your revision until later in the day seldom works with teenagers, it just means it won’t get done, you won’t like them for it, they won’t like themselves for it, and will even like you less for it (does that make sense?)

3. Get Creative

Collate highlighter pens and sticky notes, crayons and notecards, you can never have too many! These cannot be over rated enough as the best revision tools ever. Jazz it up a bit, the colours will stick in your kids minds and help them to be creative and individual with their note making!!  Remember to have in stock plenty of pencils, pens and of course the obligatory geometry set.  We have some fab ones in @presentlocker.com and for great prices !



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4. Parental support

Be supportive to your kids, know their timetable, offer to help go through revision cards etc with them if they would like. Keep up the communication. They will doubtless be on study leave, which means that they are basically at home all the time, I mean all the time, unless doing an exam – get used to it. Offer to pick them up, make it as easy for them as possible, and remember at all times to keep the fridge full, and I mean full (it’s a full time job).


5. Exercise

My mantra, which admittedly drives my kids mad is ‘revise and exercise’.  Sounds a bit trite I know, but actually revision is such an inactive occupation and kids are by nature active beings! So stagger revision with some form of exercise, whatever it be, bike ride, jog, dog walk, kicking a ball? It really helps relieve both body and mind, and gives them a true break from cerebral endeavour.

A fab article in the Telegraph this week is a really helpful resource for your kids. Print it off and give them a copy, not too nice about us parents though! Lets face it we are used to bearing the brunt of it. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/3356159/10-ways-to-survive-the-exam-season.html

So there you have it, presentlocker.coms 5 tips for surviving the exam season! If you are reading this then you too are probably a desperate parent, in the throws, reaching out for any little thing to help you through! The truth is, despite getting older, they need us, their parents, so be there and hopefully all will come out the other side with smiles on their faces!!

A levels anybody?


We would love to hear your exam survival suggestions.  Please go ahead and share and comment!