Freshers Week!!

Masses of teenagers are off to University this week or next,  to embark on the endurance test that is Freshers Week!

Masses of fun and frolicking to be had by all, with every night crammed with some kind of event or other it seems – ranging from the ‘Hypnotist Night’ through the ‘Iron Stomach Night’ and onto the ‘Freshers Ball’!!  It hard to think that they will actually survive without their parents keeping a close eye, let alone dare I say it, think about doing any actual work!!


Here at we have a few comforts that you can pack up to send off with your little darlings such as the ultimate and cosy moss stitch blanket and hot water bottles for those chilly autumn nights …….   AND if you really want to splash out and send them something ultra special via the post then check out our hand made and oh so perfect leather iPad covers and pencil cases carefully crafted by Maiko Dawson.  Alternatively, go for the budget option with our trendy ‘Touch Me Please’ iPad case!!   So many ways to show your love!





Autumn Baking!

I don’t know about you but this very slight change in weather, chillier nights and misty mornings makes me want bake and then eat!


Cookies and biscuits are a wonderful after school treat for kids and parents alike, and nothing says home like a battered old tin, full to bursting ,with beautiful buttery hand made cookies hiding amongst the greaseproof paper.


Why not have fun and get your kids baking too with these lovely cookie stampers available from our site  Stamp with Home Made or Eat Me!!  Makes charming biscuits and great to do!  Enjoy!

All The Fun Of The Fair!

Well, its that time of year again, can you believe, the annual St Giles Fair has come to Oxford and is tantalising all the kids from Oxfordshire to buy a ticket for one of its numerous rides – thats if you are brave enough!  I am more of a dodgem girl myself!  So get down there and enjoy the thrills and spills of the fair in the beautiful historic setting of Oxford.   Toffee apple anyone!